Mission Statement

F. EMANUEL BUCKLEY FOUNDATION is a foundation with a mandate to provide “hands helping hands” wherever there are emergency needs.

Foundational Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide relief works in the aftermath of crisis/emergency disaster situations, some of which MIGHT include:

  • Floods
  • Tornados
  • Hurricanes
  • Earthquakes
  • Snow or Ice storms
  • Infrastructure failures
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Devastation due to war
  • Criminal or terrorist activity
  • Health pandemic
  • Bankruptcy
  • Death and/or personal injury
  • Drought/humanitarian crisis
  • Major health crisis
  • Homelessness
  • Fire devastation
  • Other crisis not listed remembering that “a crisis may be in the eye of the beholder”

“hands helping hands” provides relief to “empower victims” for a limited period of time until they can be on solid footings and move on with their lives. Relief can include funds, food, clothing, shelter, health and wellness supplies, vehicles, equipment, emergency transportation, bank guarantees etc.


On hold: 40,320 MRE (Meals Ready to Eat)

On hold: Long term Emergency food – 20,000 meals

Under negotiations: 1,650 cases of Spam

Under negotiations: $103,694 groceries

Under negotiations: bulk food items $50,000

On hold: 23,400 dozen eggs


Misc.: $52,000 (T.O.)

Tee Shirts: 5,000

Children Misc.: $50,000

Backpacks USA: $68,000

3 Truckloads (Dept. Storeliq.)

Footwear Chazzi


Under negotiations:

  • COVID test kits
  • PPE supply


AMBAR Sets of 5: Stove, fridge, washer, dryer, microwave – 150 sets

A.J. Madison 25 sets of 5 appliances

Microwaves – 255

Mini fridges – 670


Similac, Enfamil: $50,000

Baby cribs (Target store): 100

Strollers, Car Seats: 180

Mattresses, Bed frames, Furniture

Full size mattresses 8” coil: 700

Other Full size 8” coil: 350

Foam 6” full size: 400

Bed frames: 1,800

Other 9”coil mattresses:

  • twin: 95
  • full: 130
  • queen: 125

Continental furniture overstocks – 3 truckloads

Health & Wellness Supplies

Project plans underway to develop a natural health food supplement line

Household items

Cookware, Dishes, Utensils

Various disaster relief

Budget: $300,000


On hold: 3,700 laptop computers

Miscellaneous Equipment

Office & Administration computers:

  • Laptops: 500
  • Desktop: 1,450
  • Laser Printers: 100
  • Inkjet printers: 100

Office furniture

Office supplies

“hands helping hands” can include the provision of planning & risk analysis resources and expertise to help people be better prepared to avoid or reduce the potential negative disaster impacts.